1. Real Estate Experience

Millcreek Commercial’s President and CEO, Kevin G. Long is a seasoned commercial real estate executive. He was the founding Principle Broker of the national real estate firm CBC Advisors. He was instrumental in growing the company from a small Salt Lake City Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise into the 23rd largest commercial real estate brokerage in the United States. In 2018 Advisors was acquired by Colliers International and Kevin formed Millcreek Commercial Properties. In 2017 Kevin was named CXO of the year by Utah Business Magazine.

2. A National Platform

Millcreek Commercial utilizes Colliers International as their brokerage partner and Old Republic Title to ensure the chain of title on every transaction. These two global partners along with Kevin’s expansive network, provide Millcreek Commercial with an unsurpassed national platform.

3. Product Quality and Control

Millcreek Commercial is not a brokerage. We own the properties that we syndicate. Our team of experts review hundreds of opportunities every month. Only the very best make it into our portfolio. This vertical integration, coupled with our deep commercial real estate connections, allows us to reduce costs and pass those savings onto our partners. We typically deliver a better-quality product with a higher return than other similar providers.

4. Philosophy and Core Values

Our acquisition team only purchases properties that our principals want to hold in our portfolios. We purchase these properties debt free and then invite others to join us as Tenant In Common owners. Every property must pass the relative test – we would sell this to our mother, grandmother, best friend or son.

5. Long Term Partners

Millcreek Commercial typically stays in our deals for the long term. There are situations where we could sell all of a syndication, but our business model is for one of our partners or family member to stay in a deal for the long term. This commitment provides our partners added assurance that we believe in and are committed to our products.

6. Access To Proprietary Deal Flow

Kevin’s national experience, from New York City to Los Angeles and from Miami, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska, provides us a quality network that encompasses nearly every major market. This connectivity combined with the Colliers national platform of investment brokers facilitates Millcreek Commercial’s unparalleled access to proprietary and off-market deals.

7. Delivering Premium Commercial Real Estate To You

Almost all of the Quality commercial real estate in the United States is held exclusively by the wealthiest 3%. Typically, the barriers to entry into this exclusive asset class are insurmountable to 97% of Americans. Millcreek Commercial is breaking down the barriers to ownership of quality commercial Real Estate. Our properties are 1031 qualified and retirement account compliant. When you are ready to graduate to the Safety, Security and Stability of quality commercial real estate we can make it happen.