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We help each of our investors enjoy monthly passive income by co-owning premium commercial real estate that is both recession-resilient and fully-managed.

Hassle-Free Monthly Passive Income

Once you have specified the amount you want to invest and select from our list of available properties, you receive a deed for your portion of ownership of the property. Based on timing, but likely within the first month, you will begin receiving monthly cash flow deposited directly into your account. Because of the passive nature of a NNN lease, you won’t have to worry about tenants, trash, and toilets—the typical headaches that come with being a landlord. Instead, you focus on what you care about most–putting your money to work for you—and not the other way around!

Invest With Us

At Millcreek Commercial, we take the benefits of investing in commercial real estate to the next level. Our powerful model produces monthly passive income, requires zero heavy-lifting, and tax-protects our co-owners

Our People

Millcreek Commercial Kay Jewelers

Kevin Long

President, Partner

Sam Hunt

Director of Finance

Millcreek Commercial Liahona Academy

Brent Smith

Investor Relations, Partner

John Keiter

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Spencer Taylor

Client Solutions, Partner

Adam Long

Investment Strategy, Partner

Millcreek Commercial Kay Jewelers

Ileana Stocco

Office Manager

Millcreek Commercial Liahona Academy

Parker Shaw

Marketing Director

Jamie Anderson

Real Estate Paralegal

Sales Team

Millcreek Commercial Liahona Academy

Brian Martinez


Millcreek Commercial Kay Jewelers

Blake McDougal

Senior Associate

Kristian Huff

Senior Associate

Millcreek Commercial Liahona Academy

Andrew Wolocatiuk


Millcreek Commercial Kay Jewelers

Kayla Luttman


Millcreek Commercial Kay Jewelers

Trevor Weber


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