Own a portion of what is poised to become the

largest network of comprehensive care centers in the US

Millcreek Commercial Properties in cooperation with American Development Partners are the exclusive developers nationwide for Advance Care Medical.

Own your piece of this dynamic opportunity -
6.25% returns
20 year absolute NNN leases
2% annual increases
New construction
Leases guaranteed by a publicly traded company with $98mm net worth
Leases bonded by a Lloyds of London backed insurance policy


Advance Care’s mission and business strategy is to provide better, more consistent and comprehensive care and solutions by vertically integrating urgent care facilities with ancillary services and new technologies. The intended outcome will be to provide a broader continuum of patient care at a lower cost and generate significantly higher operating margins.

  • Largest Network: Development of 350 Comprehensive Care Centers™ will create the largest branded system in the country.
  • Significant Margins: By vertically integrating, we will capture revenue and margins that have historically been “lost” in the channel to sales, marketing, and third-party providers. This will result in significantly enhanced operating margins.
  • Building a Brand: A key element to our strategy is to acquire reputable family practices to establish ourselves in each community we target. Clusters of facilities will provide better access and more consistent care to patients in our system.
  • New Technologies: We intend to use new technologies and more comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to improve patient care and access and to give our medical teams more tools to provide superior care.


Millcreek Commercial is developing properties specifically for Advance Care Medical. ACM, in cooperation with Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc. (HSI), meets our pillars for success. With each property, ACM will sign a 20-year NNN lease with 2% rent escalations annually, all backed by an HSI corporate guarantee and insured by Lloyds of London.


Romeoville, IL
Advance Care Medical
Pine Bluff, AR
Advance Care Medical
Draper, UT
Advance Care Medical
Naperville, IL
Advance Care Medical
Target Market, Tennesee
Advance Care Medical
Keller, TX
Advance Care Medical


Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc. “HSI” is a publicly-traded medical service and device company focused on providing clinicians with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools. HSI’s mission is to provide clinicians with broader access to the most advanced technologies in the Healthcare Industry. Technology proliferation drives progressive methods of testing patients, leading to superior patient outcomes. HSI not only helps physicians deliver better healthcare, but also assists them in remaining compliant with industry best practices.

HSI, a publicly traded company with a $98mm balance sheet, is the corporate guarantor of the Advance Care Medical leases. This, coupled with the bonded lease and experience of the tenant, contributes to the safety, security and stability of these assets. 

The benefits of owning premium &
debt-free commercial real estate

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