All Buyers Welcome

All Buyers


Exchanging Hassle For Happiness

At Millcreek Commercial we have created a way for anyone to invest in commercial real estate and enjoy the benefits of safety, security and stability in their investment portfolio. We purchase all of our properties debt-free and then allow anyone to buy a portion of the real estate. This means your name is on the deed and you begin receiving monthly cash flow immediately.

Your next question might be, “how can I purchase?” Here are the three ways you can buy a Millcreek Commercial property:


You can buy a portion of a
Millcreek Commercial
property with cash

1031 Exchange

You can 1031 exchange into a
Millcreek Commercial property and
defer capital gains, NIIT &
depreciation recapture taxes


You can move a portion of your
Roth, SEP, IRA, individual 401(k)
plan, health savings accounts, and
education savings account into a
Millcreek Commercial property

Talk with a Millcreek
representative for more info