Benefits of Owning with Millcreek Commercial

Connecting You to High Quality Properties
Utilizing fractional ownership, Millcreek Commercial provides our investors access to high quality, corporate grade, NNN properties typically reserved for only the largest real estate investors.  


Solid Real Estate Fundamentals

Millcreek Commercial was founded by commercial real estate executives - not securities brokers or investment bankers. We know real estate. Members of our team have managed commercial real estate operations in major markets throughout the United States. Our extensive commercial real estate network and unique access to the corporate board room provides us access to proprietary deal flow that delivers a premium product.

Investor Peace of Mind 

The NNN lease structure combined with our professional, third-party property management, means our investors are not bothered with the property's day-to-day management concerns. Our in-house research department provides our investors with in-depth analysis of demographic and market conditions for each area where properties are located. Additionally, our team of business analysts review the tenants and guarantors as well.  This provides our customers the institutional grade due-diligence needed to feel confident that businesses leasing our properties are strongly positioned to succeed.


The Security of Debt-Free Real Estate

Every property in our portfolio is owned 100% debt free. We purchase every property and put it in our investment portfolio then sell small portions to co-owners. It is common to inflate returns in commercial real estate by leveraging with debt. This practice trades long term security for short term gain. Millcreek Commercial never purchases property with the use of debt. Because we place no debt on the property there is never risk of a bank foreclosure. Our investors can sleep comfortably every night knowing that we are not at risk of losing our property to the bank. This practice enables us to fulfill our foundational commitment to Safety, Security and Stability.


Every commercial real estate investment should be considered a long term commitment. But that said, situations change, emergencies arise and investments need to be liquidated. Since co-owners receive a deeded interest in the property they can sell or transfer that interest at any time similar to other real estate transactions.  Contact a Millcreek Commercial professional to discuss our resale program in more detail.


Freedom to Diversify

Millcreek Commercial has purposefully structured our product to maintain a low minimum investment. We are committed to the small investor. The obvious effect of low minimums is to allow smaller investors to become our co-owner. However, a second benefit is diversity. Typically, co-owners invest in multiple properties further diversifying and strengthening their portfolios.


Guaranteed Rents

We only invest in properties with long term guaranteed leases. Typically our properties have rental contracts with guarantees from investment grade corporations. These carry a similar level of security as investment grade corporate bonds.   


Real Estate Tax Benefits

Investment real estate is one of the best tax shelters that remain in federal tax code. The three most common tax advantages of owning commercial real estate have been preserved in the recent tax code modifications. We are not CPAs or lawyers and do not offer tax or legal advice. We suggest you consult with professionals regarding your specific situation. Our structure is such that property investors benefit from their proportional share of depreciation. Additionally, because you own a deeded share of real estate our co-owners can benefit, both coming in and going out from the 1031 tax deferred exchange rules. And finally income from our properties is considered passive and not taxed as earned income.


Asset Appreciation

Typically when you invest in stocks returns are based, almost entirely, on asset appreciation. Your gains are only realized if you were to sale the stock at a specific point in time. The returns quoted by Millcreek Commercial do not include any representations regarding the real estate increasing in value. The returns quoted only relate to the rent you receive every month. If over time the underlying real estate increases in value that value is owned by each investor and can be captured upon sale.


Straightforward Closing Process

Millcreek Commercial provides title insurance at no cost to the buyer on all transactions through Old Republic Title. All transactions are handled by Old Republic Title. Millcreek Commercial covers the cost of title insurance and splits the other closing costs with the co-owner. These costs vary by property but are minimal,  known and disclosed well ahead of closing.

No Hidden Costs
We take care of all closing costs and necessary paper work including recording the warranty deed to transfer ownership to you, as well as providing you with a prorated rent check from the very day you sign. From that point forward, you simply receive a monthly payment directly from the property manager.  


All Buyers Welcome

Because we have structured our transactions as real estate there or no mandatory net-worth guidelines to follow. You do not have to be an accredited investor to purchase a Millcreek Commercial debt-free property. The only requirement is that you have an aptitude to understand the issues and risks associated with commercial real estate. When major decisions eventually need to be made, the co-owners collaborate and determine how to proceed. As a co-owner you make a commitment to participate in this process.

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