commercial real estate money treePlanting Your Own “Money Tree”

Owning real estate can be wildly exciting. The idea of buying something that prints money and increases in value at the same time is nearly unimaginable. Kids in grade school talk about how nice it would be to grow a money tree. Having high-quality commercial real estate in your portfolio is about as close to that reality as you can get. 

Young investors enter the world of real estate with a “what could go wrong?” mindset. All is fine and well as their tree begins to grow. The sun is providing its daily dose of appreciation and the simple watering and fertilizing required seem to be small expenses compared to the amount of income being generated monthly. All are superb…. until the wind storm comes. Leaves fall, branches break, roots rip, and tenants begin to vacate. This oh-so-perfect real estate investment now begins to cost you time, sweat, and money. 

Growing Your Portfolio with a Commercial Investment

Millcreek Commercial stands as an opportunity to live out your childhood money tree dreams. Allowing your investment to be rooted with a triple net lease ensures that the tenant is responsible for the insurance, taxes, and maintenance. Having a tenant-in-common structure enables you to plant your seed without having to come to the table with millions of dollars.

Our model at Millcreek Commercial allows you to buy a branch or even a twig in a money tree that is already well established. Our portfolio may include tenants whose balance sheets seem to be a mile long with lease lengths that will likely outlive yourself. Will there still be wind? Of course, as every investment has a degree of risk—but the difference between owning residential real estate and triple-net lease commercial real estate is who pays for the clean-up efforts during and after the storm. We put the hassle and headache on the tenants (where it belongs), making sure that you are “Exchanging Hassle for Happiness”. We pride ourselves in breaking down the barriers of investing in commercial real estate, making it more accessible than ever before.

Owning part of a Millcreek property allows you to step back from the hustle and bustle of being a landlord and rather focus on what’s important to you.