Time is our most valuable commodity. Unlike money—which can be earned, saved, spent, invested, misspent, and lost—we can’t store up minutes on a clock. We’re all allotted the same amount of time each day, but what we do with this gift varies widely. Ideally we should be able to reduce the amount of time spent earning money, so that we can spend more of our precious minutes on more fulfilling endeavors. What if you could earn money without having to lift a finger? This notion of making your money work for you so that you can focus on the more important and enjoyable aspects of life is often referred to as “passive income.”

Creating streams of passive income is quite possibly one of the most significant and vital ways to acquire wealth. And, within this realm of making your money do the work for you, investing in commercial real estate is considered the gold standard. Throughout history the purchase of land and property has been the most constant and reliable source of investment revenue. But, historically this type of investment has been reserved only for the wealthiest of individuals.

At Millcreek Commercial we focus on making commercial real estate available at a price point not typical for this exclusive asset class. Our buildings consist of debt-free tenant-in-common ownership shares in premium commercial real estate. This unique approach breaks down the barriers usually associated with commercial real estate, making it accessible for a much wider array of buyers.

How do we do it? Our available properties are ideal passive investments with stable corporate guaranteed monthly cash flows. Millcreek Commercial assets have all the premium real estate fundamentals and require little to no involvement by the owners. All of our properties are 1031 exchange qualified and retirement account compliant.

Imagine knowing that your net worth is growing while you’re playing with your kids, working on your golf swing, or sipping margaritas on a beach in the Caribbean. Sound too good to be true? It’s more attainable than you might think. At Millcreek Commercial we have made it more accessible then ever. We provide a safe, secure, and stable way to tap into the transformative power of passive income through commercial real estate investment.