CVS Pharmacy

MilledgeVille, GA

CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS) operates retail pharmacy and pharmacy benefit management businesses in the United States. The company offers prescription drugs, general merchandise, including over the counter drugs, beauty products and cosmetics, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, convenience foods, and film and photofinishing services.

Property Information

  • Tenant:  CVS Pharmacy
  • Location: 423 S Wayne St., Millegeville, GA 31061
  • Property Type:  Freestanding, Retails
  • Building Size:  13,225 Square Feet
  • Purchase Price:  $4,298,983.56

Milledgeville, GA

Milledgeville is the county seat of Baldwin County, situated northeast of Macon and bordered on the east by the Oconee River. The city has a population of roughly 19,211, while Baldwin County has a population of nearly 46,000. One of Georgia’s oldest cities, it was previously used as the state capital in the 1800’s, and offers an excellent combination of restaurants, bars, shopping, cultural events, outdoor activities and more. Milledgeville prides itself on a balance of city living with stewardship of environment, and recreation opportunities abound. Less than a mile from the subject property, the Oconee River Greenway Park and Riverwalk provides the city of Milledgeville with a safe and beautiful area to walk, jog, bicycle, or enjoy the beauty of the Oconee River.

About Tenant-In-Common

Tenants-in-Common or TIC ownership allows multiple buyers to purchase an undivided percentage of a single piece of property. Each buyer receives his own deed to the property and benefits from all of the income, tax shelters and appreciation it provides. This Millcreek Commercial property has the following characteristics:

  • Property is offered debt-free
  • Long-term, corporate-guaranteed lease
  • Satisfies IRS requirements for 1031 exchanges
Millcreek Commercial pleasant grove office building

Office | 801.899.1943

Lease Information

  • Lease Guarantor:  CVS Corporation
  • Initial Lease Term:  15.5 Years remaining
  • Renewal Options:  Two 5-year Extensions; 8 fair market renewal options at 5-years each.