Diversify: Find More Stable and Secure Investments with Commercial Properties

Diversification is defined as the act of spreading investment dollars across a range of assets to reduce investment risk. A diversified portfolio helps balance volatility since no one asset will have an outsize impact.

The overwhelming majority of Americans with retirement savings are invested in stocks and securities. Good financial advisors have them diversified between asset classes. However, most individuals are unaware that they can own commercial real estate in their retirement accounts and thus are not diversified into the most stable asset classes.

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Typical Types of Investments: STOCKS and BONDS 

When purchasing commercial real estate, finding the right property(ies) to invest in can provide the safety, security, and stability that you won’t find in the stock market. It can yield solid rates of returns that you can’t find in quality bonds. Commercial real estate with a net lease, a single-tenant, a long-term lease, and a lease guaranteed by investment-grade corporations can allow for peace of mind and bring diversity to your portfolio. With commercial real estate, risk is mitigated without negatively impacting your rate of return.

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Investments in commercial real estate add portfolio diversity with minimal risk.

Historically, investing in commercial real estate as an alternative asset has provided millions of investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification.

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