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Commercial real estate investing as an alternative investment strategy is nothing new, but it’s still a mystery to many investors.

Commercial real estate or CRE has historically been rich with benefits, providing many investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns. As an alternative asset class, it also has a track record of delivering robust portfolio diversification.

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There are some key differences between commercial real estate investments and traditional investment vehicles, such as stocks and bonds. Unlike stocks and bonds, which have high liquidity and can typically be bought and sold quickly and easily, commercial real estate is relatively illiquid. One of the select few investments is considered a hard asset. Most often, stocks are purchased for their selling potential rather than their capacity as a source of consistent income; hence the “buy low, sell high” strategy you often hear preached from investment advisors.


However, like stocks, public market investments also have a higher potential for volatility, a side effect of the public market’s high efficiency, which allows high-speed and secure trading. On the other hand, private markets tend to be less efficient and slower, but those qualities also mean they’re less volatile.

In this ebook, we will explore 10 reasons why you should consider investing in commercial real estate this year.

Commercial real estate can succeed as an investment by producing rental income from a tenant or multiple tenants. Rental income, in turn, becomes revenue for the property owner.

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