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We understand that identifying a property during an exchange can be both difficult and stressful. At Millcreek Commercial we develop or acquire properties without debt that meet a very strict set of requirements. We always have replacement properties available that deliver safety, security and stability to anyone that owns a portion of our real estate. If you have an exchange on the horizon and are interested in adding high quality commercial real estate to your portfolio, give us a call.


Net Lease

Single Tenant

Long Term Lease

Investment Grade

Available Offerings

When we first started Millcreek Commercial, we made a commitment to bring the safety, security, and stability of premium commercial real estate to every investor. To achieve this, we strategically selected properties that could be prosperous in both a booming and a struggling economy. Our buildings meet a stringent criteria. These include properties must have long-term, NNN leases with a single-tenant, and be backed by corporate guarantees. 
With these measures in place, rest assured that our premium commercial real estate is a safe, secure, and stable place to invest your hard-earned money.
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