Neuragenex stands as the nation’s most rapidly growing healthcare brand and platform, poised to expand from its current 15 operating locations to an impressive 56 within the next year. Founded by medical professionals, Neuragenex Treatment Centers was established to provide patients with access to pain relief without surgery, drugs or invasive treatments through high pulse external electrical stimulation and specialized hydration therapy.

    Property Information

    • Tenant:  Neuragenex
    • Location: Lehi, UT
    • Property Type: Freestanding, Medical
    • Building Size: 3,500 Square Feet
    • Ownership Available: 1.7337%
    • Purchase Price: $107,000
    Dollar General - Bethpage, Tennessee

    Representative photo

    Lehi, Utah 

    Lehi is home to Silicon Slopes where there are typically more cranes in the skyline on any give day than the rest of the state of Utah. Lehi’s recent growth has been in single family homes and commercial development. The region encompasses a cluster of IT, software development, hardware manufacturing, and research firms along the Wasatch Front.

    About Tenant In Common

    Tenant in common or TIC ownership allows two or more people to hold an ownership interest in a property. Each property owner or business
    entity holds its own separate stake in the property and receives a deed.Their interests do not have to be equal.

    This Millcreek Commercial property has the following characteristics:


    • Property is offered debt-free
    • Long-term, corporate-guaranteed lease
    • Satisfies IRS requirements for 1031 exchanges

    Office | 385.248.0613

    Lease Information

    • Lease Guarantor: Personal; President, Founder, CEO
    • Initial Lease Term:  20 Years
    • Rent Increases: 2% every year
    • Renewal Options:  Two 5-year Extensions