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Intro to Cost Segregation

Yonah Weiss, Business Director with Madison SPECS, outlines for us the basics of Cost Segregation.  The short of it is that most who should be doing it, are not.

What Makes a Tenant Tick?

Natalie Wainwright helps us understand why tenants behave the way they do and why the prefer certain elements of a lease over others.

Webinar | Big Money is Moving from Stocks to Commercial Real Estate

Everyday, a stockholder becomes dissatisfied and disillusioned with the emotional roller coster of the stock market.  The dissatisfaction leads investors away from equity markets to commercial real estate markets.  Wealth is created with stability and security, not speculation and risk.

How a Forest Farmer Popularized 1031 Exchanges

TJ Starker elevated the 1031 Exchange when he applied that portion of the tax code to an idea he had – exchange a piece of land that Crown Zellerbach wanted for a piece of land he wanted in the future.  This 1967 move popularized the 1031 Exchange tax code.

Joint Tenants v. Tenants in Common

Even though they sound similar, they couldn’t be more different.  The legal way we take title makes a big difference in how we own real property and what decisions we are legally allowed to take.

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