SARC | Draper, UT

Property Information

Tenant:  Millcreek Commercial Forms Review

Location: 13775 S Pony Express Rd., Draper, UT

Property Type:  Freestanding, Medical, Hospital

Building Size:  19,772 Square Feet

Purchase Price: $16,270,200

Cap Rate:  6.25%

SARC’s mission and business strategy is to provide better, more consistent, comprehensive care solutions by vertically integrating urgent care facilities with ancillary services and new technologies. The intended outcome is to provide a broader continuum of patient care at a lower cost and generate significantly higher operating margins.

Draper, Utah

Draper City is an exciting, vibrant city with strong economic growth and high quality of life. People choose to live in Draper because of the location and the beauty of the community, as it sits nestled in the corner of the southeast portion of the Salt Lake Valley. This site is located across the street from a State of Utah sponsored megasite economic development project.

About Tenants-In-Common

Tenants-in-Common or TIC ownership allows multiple buyers to purchase an undivided percentage of a single piece of property. Each buyer receives his own deed to the property and benefits from all of the income, tax shelters and appreciation it provides. This Millcreek Commercial property has the following characteristics:

  • Property is offered debt-free
  • Long-term, corporate-guaranteed lease
  • Satisfies IRS requirements for 1031 exchanges
Millcreek Commercial pleasant grove office building

Office | 801.899.1943

Millcreek Commercial Advance Care Medical Draper large

Lease Information

Lease Guarantor: Healthcare Solutions Management Group

Initial Lease Term:  20 years

Rent Increases:  2% increases every year

Renewal Options: Three 5-year options

20 Yr. Avg. Return:  7.593%

Property Overview
Property Offering Memorandum
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