Investors starting their investment portfolioA well-known proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Likewise, the journey of starting an investment portfolio begins the same way–a pivotal point in that journey being the first step. There are many who desire to accumulate the benefits of long-term wealth, but may not know where to start or how to take that first step. Millcreek Commercial helps break down the barriers that once reserved commercial investments for the elite and wealthy, enabling all the opportunity to participate in the growth of their own portfolio. 

Here are three ways that Millcreek Commercial helps enable investors to start on their investment portfolio-growing journey:

  1. Doing the “heavy lifting”
  2. Making investing affordable
  3. Fully Managing Properties with Personalized Contact

Doing the “Heavy Lifting”

There is so much that goes into finding a suitable commercial property that can overwhelm someone just getting started with their investment portfolio. Millcreek Commercial brings experience to the table by identifying and purchasing profitable properties that will benefit the portfolios of investors. After identifying the property, Millcreek will ensure that the property meets three of four requirements: single tenant, long-term lease, investment grade, and triple-net leased. In addition, Millcreek Commercial will travel to the property for a personalized inspection of the property, building, and the surrounding area. Millcreek Commercial’s years of experience in identifying profitable properties allows investors to avoid having to do the “heavy lifting” of identifying and vetting a quality property. 

Making it Affordable

In addition to finding a quality property, another large hurdle when starting an investment portfolio is being able to afford a commercial property investment. Most people don’t have a few million dollars burning a hole in their pocket to buy a whole building. However, with the unique structure in which Millcreek Commercial purchases their properties and uses fractional ownership, the once hindering walls of cost are taken down with opportunities to invest with an amount that is suitable for each investor and their budget.

Fully Managed with Personal Contact

Lastly, an intimidating thought in the investment process for investors is, “how will I manage a commercial property if I invest?” With an investment with a Millcreek Commercial property, the stress of managing the investment is eliminated by the triple net lease which the property is under, and by the role that our executive team plays in managing other circumstances that may arise with commercial property ownership. 

Whether it is your first investment or your fiftieth, Millcreek Commercial is here to break down barriers and help you get your investment portfolio started.