Millcreek Commercial Does the Heavy Lifting for Experienced and New Commercial Real Estate Investors Alike

Millcreek Commercial offers investors the opportunity to purchase large and small fractions of commercial real estate, overcoming one of the primary issues associated with 1031 Exchanges—finding and purchasing a property that fits the required investment.

“1031 Exchanges are only complicated by finding a property that fits what you have to invest dollar-for-dollar,” said Brent Smith, Investor Relations Partner at Millcreek Commercial. “We’ve created a way for multiple buyers to co-own high quality commercial real estate—fitting any investment level to the penny and in a way that is recession resilient, requires low minimums, and is fully managed.”

The Millcreek Commercial model allows multiple buyers to co-own high quality commercial real estate through a Tenant-in-Common structure. This gives each investor the freedom to purchase the percentage of the property that best fits their current investment plan—anywhere from one to one hundred percent. This “have it your way” approach gives investors access and flexibility. Each buyer receives their own deed to the property and benefits from all the income, tax shelters, and appreciation it provides.

According to MarketWatch, “If a 1031 exchange sounds complex and labyrinthine…the arrangement should not scare you away. Executing a 1031 exchange does not require the expertise of an entire legal team to extract the full savings.”

“We created Millcreek Commercial to help investors protect their profits,” said Smith. “We do all the heavy lifting—whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or someone taking the first step in producing long-term income. At Millcreek, we’ve made it easy for less-experienced investors to achieve great outcomes.”

About 1031 Exchanges
Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides an effective strategy for deferring capital gains taxes from an investment property sale. By exchanging the property for like-kind real estate, property owners may defer their taxes and use the proceeds to purchase a replacement property. Like-kind real estate includes business/investment property but not the owner’s primary residence.

Any property owner or investor who expects to acquire replacement property after selling their existing property should consider a 1031 exchange. To do otherwise would necessitate the payment of capital gain taxes in amounts that can approach 30%. We aim to help investors keep more of their hard-earned money working for them.

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About Millcreek Commercial
Millcreek Commercial takes the benefits of investing in commercial real estate to the next level with a powerful model that produces monthly passive income, requires zero heavy-lifting, and tax-protects our co-owners. The company helps investors enjoy monthly passive income by co-owning premium commercial real estate that is both recession-resilient and fully-managed. Millcreek offers attractive programs for 1031 Exchange, self-directed IRA (SDIRA), and cash investors. Located in the Salt Lake City metro area, Millcreek Commercial is privately held.