On Demand Webinar


A Real-Time Lobbying Discussion Regarding Changes to 1031 Exchange Law



The fate of 1031 exchanges seems to hang in the air with uncertainty, depending greatly on the ruling of presidential and government decision. The proposed changes would limit 1031 exchange tax deferral to a maximum of $500K.

Knowing the immense impact these changes would have on the real estate and 1031 exchange market, our top professionals panel have arranged a free live webinar in which they will lobby in real-time with key US Senate staff regarding 1031 exchange law changes.

Our lobbying discussion was led by:

  • Lew Cramer, CEO | Colliers Utah, and Washington insider
  • Julie Baird, President | Federation of Exchange Accommodators
  • Kevin Long, President | Millcreek Commercial

The governmental panel included participation from key US Senate staff representatives:

  • Rob Axson, State Director (UT) | US Senator Mike Lee
  • John Shelton | Office of US Senator Mike Lee
  • Mandee Grant | Office of US Senator Mitt Romney